Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties of Moringa Oil

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties of Moringa Oil for skin and hair

Hello Moringa Tribe,

The next couple of posts are going to focus on each of the naturally occurring properties of the Moringa seed oil. At the onset, I try and use the singular ingredient that makes up our Moringa Oil as a champion of sorts, to demystify beauty standards that require us to use a multitude of products to obtain a certain norm of what is 'acceptable' beauty or an acceptable skincare routine. My belief has always been, 'less but better'. 

Given the individuality of each of us, our skins too are unique to our experience, genetics, environment and circumstances. So, before you deep dive into a product, I always recommend approaching beauty foods (topical and oral) from a more wholistic point of view. 

Moringa may or may not be for you, but my hope is that you approach beauty and skincare from a place that makes you feel good and whole and less from a place of not feeling like you are 'enough' and need to appease a certain defined standard. 

On to Moringa, here is a little about how the oil is made. The Moringa seed oil is extracted from mature Moringa seeds via the least invasive cold-pressed method. Once the oil is extracted, it goes through a sedimentation process of a few days before it is packaged. The oil obtained from the seeds contain an impressive, almost hard to believe list of naturally occurring properties that lends to its extensive use and shelf life. 

Two of the main properties of Moringa Oil are it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The flavanoids present in the oil lend Moringa its anti-inflammatory properties, enabling its use for small cuts and wounds, rashes, scars, swells and aches. Applying a little over an area can help towards the healing process. For people with dry scalp that result in dandruff, applying Moringa to the scalp could prove to be benefical in help reducing inflammation caused by itching and drying. This is possible in combination of the other naturally occuring properties of Moringa, such as anti-oxidants, oleic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients. 

The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial aspect of Moringa oil is more relevant in today's world, where a large percentage of us spend most of our time holed up in office buildings with controlled air conditioning, that saps out moisture and enables the spread of germs. On the other hand, still a large percentage of us are exposed to the negative environmental factors and changes such as pollution. The behenic acid present in the oil enables its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to help protect our skin and hair from these external factors.

Know that this isn't a full proof method, there has to be large scale lifestyle change to create impact that we all desire and need in order to eliminate the environmental issues that directly negatively impact our lives, skin and hair included. Change has to be driven at the microcosm level alongside large scale change we expect from governments and companies. I urge you to approach your lifestyle in a way that encompasses the entire value chain and buying products that you only need but that are also non-toxic to you and the environment and those that are ethically made. Ask the tough questions and be a part of the change. 

Next week, we'll briefly cover the anti-oxidants, Oleic acid and essential fatty acids present in the Moringa oil. 

Have a lovely day whichever side of the sun you are at. 








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You are what you FEED yourself, orally and topically !

You are what you FEED yourself, orally and topically !

Clean Beauty Swap || Moringa cold-pressed oil

Clean Beauty Swap || Moringa cold-pressed oil


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