Moringa What?

Moringa Oleifera also known as the the drumstick tree is packed with nutrients to help boost the immune system. The oil obtained from the seeds is excellent for the skin, packed with anti oxidants and anti fungal properties.

Moringa Oleifera tree is a drought resistant tree that grows in subtropical areas of the world, where malnutrition is most prevalent. Growing in places where people need it the most!

The tree has its ‘roots’ in the western Himalayas in India and is currently known by 400 names across the world.

The tiny leaves of this miracle tree are nutrient dense and packed with essential nutrients, anti-oxidants and amino acids. And it’s not just the leaves, every part of this tree has been used for varying reasons across the globe.

In Aruba, the seeds are crushed and the pasted applied to skin infections like warts. Owing to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties present in the seeds, is a possible reason for its application. 

In Egypt and Roman civilizations, Moringa oil was used as a protectant for the skin in harsh desert like conditions. 

Traditional Indian Ayurveda is said to use every part of the Moringa tree and considers it one of the most valuable and useful plants.

The pods, as seen in the pictures, popularly known as the ‘drumstick’ in India, are used most popularly in the Indian dish called Sambhar. These pods contain seeds, which when mature are used to extract the glorious single ingredient Moringa oil via the least invasive cold-pressed method.

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Moringa - A powerhouse of nutrition

Moringa - A powerhouse of nutrition


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