You are what you FEED yourself, orally and topically !

You are what you FEED yourself, orally and topically !

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If you are new on here, thank you for your curiosity. Every now and then we write on topics covering health and wellness with community and the humble Moringa tree at its center. 

Of late, I've been thinking a lot about what makes us up. Why my mood is triggered by not eating on time or why our 'gut' is often referred to as our second brain. The term 'hangry' I imagine stems from this trigger. Yet, more often than not, we lay more emphasis on what we do than what we feed ourselves. And I don't just mean orally but also encompassing what we apply topically on our largest organ, our skin. 

Fun Fact : Whatever we apply on our skin topically, finds its way to our bloodstream. 

There is no question however that what we feed ourselves and apply topically on our skin, affects us on the daily. And depending on WHAT we feed ourselves, the affect can be positive or negative. So, what will it take for us to focus on this very aspect of eating orally and topically so that it affects us positively. For me personally, it all boils down to making a list of all the things that need to change. This could mean eating more veggies, drinking more water, applying less ingredients on my skin and so on. However, adopting change can be quite a daunting task and therefore focusing on creating a habit out of change is what I've found to be most beneficial. 

The way I have found most helpful to adopt change is to approach it slowly and knowingly. Being aware of my limitations and circumstances. For example, living a healthy lifestyle is a broad goal/ good to have but with just that in mind, it is harder to encapsulate what that means from a day to day perspective.

So I took one part of what that means to me and focused on just that one part. Drinking water is a big one for me and that means having access to water around the house and when I'm on the move. So any room I'm in has a jug of water waiting for me. If I'm air drying clothes on a rack (welcome to most of Europe and the global south but also super sustainable as opposed to a dryer), I have easy access to water while I'm doing daily chores.  

Initially, it took a while (a month) to constantly ensure the water was topped up in each of the rooms. The truth is some days I didn't do good with my water intake. But over time, I managed to create a habit of watering plants and filling jugs as part of the same ritual. I managed to combine it with an already existsing ritual to make it a habit. Now, it's almost second nature. 

Over time, I weighed in on other changes I wanted to make. For example, skincare and haircare products I was using. It took me a while to completely swap to the single ingredient Moringa Oil as a moisturizer + cleanser + nourisher and all the other uses I could attribute to it on the daily. The key was to educate myself on why certain ingredients of the store bought products I was accustomed to using was not good for my health, to ensure those ingredients were not being tested on animals, to know the ingredients used were being ethically grown and the people growing them treated with respect but most importantly knowing what those ingredients were in the first place. It takes a massive effort and a lot of time to invest in educating oneself, but even more so in making the eventual swap to a non-toxic product. But I started somewhere and I started with small changes I knew I could put effort into, not beat myself about it and eventually get it done.

The key take away is to approach change in small doable steps given your specific circumstances. If there is one thing you do, is start somewhere. You'll probably get it wrong, you probably won't be able to wholly incorporate the change, but every small step in the right direction will be worth it, that is my inherent belief.

I would love to hear from you on how you deal with incorporating change and feeding yourself the good stuff. Please email me on or reach out via our contact page.

Have a lovely day whichever side of the sun you're at.




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