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My Story, with Moringa

I stumbled upon the benefits of the Moringa Oleifera tree when I spent a lazy afternoon with Mwada, pounding dried Moringa leaves into powder during my time at a model sustainable village of HIV orphaned children and grandparents in rural Kenya.

On the Moringa farms in Tamil NaduPictured above : Among Moringa trees on our partner farmer, Mr Keshav's farm in Tamil Nadu, India.

Mwada said she was taking a little of the Moringa powder everyday to a grandfather in the village who was suffering from stomach cramps. She said it had worked and was known to, for various ailments arising from a weakened immune system from the time she can remember.

I was determined to learn more about this drought resistant plant that seemed to be working ‘miracles’ at such a microcosm level to the people that needed it the most. Turns out, various parts of the Moringa Oleifera tree have been used across cultures over centuries.

In ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations, the oil extracted from the Moringa seed was believed to help protect the skin from damages and infections when applied all over the skin and was also known to work as a natural moisturizer. These civilizations also used the oil extracted to turn it into a perfume. In Aruba, the seeds were crushed and the paste applied to the parts of the skin that required attention*. The varied uses of the different parts of the Moringa Oleifera tree are documented in folk remedies from across the globe. It is known by a multitude of names throughout the world.

We launched our first product at the end of 2015, the single ingredient cold-pressed Moringa oil for skin and hair.  We work in collaboration with small holder farmers in India, with the focus on natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty.

I look forward to you being a part of our Moringa What journey.



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