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Moringa What ?


What ? 

Moringa Oleifera is a tree, indigenous to the north western part of India and grows in most drought resistant parts of the world, where people need it the most. The Moringa tree is known by as many names as there are languages and used in a myriad of ways. All parts of the Moringa tree can be used.


Why ? 

Moringa for me has been, what I like to call a re-discovery of sorts. I had grown up eating the pods (drumstick) of this tree in a local south Indian dish called sambhar. However though, it’s the reach of its tiny but mighty nutrient dense leaves and seeds that has been lost on us. My story with Moringa, is to reinvent how a humble drought resistant tree can pivot itself as the source of non-toxic, safe beauty while also providing basic nutrition.


How ?

100% Cold- pressed Moringa Oil

We use the least invasive, cold-pressed method to extract the glorious Moringa oil for skin and hair.

Moringa Oleifera seeds (found inside the pods) are left to mature naturally on the tree before harvesting.

Once harvested, the seeds are hulled and left to dry till it maintains only a certain level of moisture content. The seeds are handled carefully for cleanliness.

The Moringa Oleifera seeds are then poured on the receiving funnel of the cold presser. The oil extracted is collected in a container. The seed cake left over after the oil extraction is collected and utilized for other purposes such as animal feed and water purification.

The extracted oil (golden to pale yellow colour) undergoes a sedimentation process for three days to remove impurities and residues. On the fourth day, the sedimented oil is decanted, filtered and then individually hand packaged into each bamboo encased bottle of MoringaWhat Oil.


100% Moringa leaves

On the other hand, the leaves of the Moringa tree are nutrient dense, in addition to being packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins and most effective in people that do not have access to or are unable to afford basic nutrition. We work with local communities to spread awareness of the potential of the Moringa leaves.

The Moringa leaves grown alongside small holder farmers is a part of our second product launch, the High Vibe Exfoliant.

The High Vibe Exfoliant is rooted in our collective South Asian beauty traditions, combining three holy grail ingredients found across kitchens of the world. Bengal Gram or Besan + Turmeric or Haldi and the new-found love for Moringa leaf powder.

I look forward to your discovery, or if already familiar, then re-discovery of Moringa in its new avatar, firmly holding on to beauty traditions sowed in time.



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