The Daily Green (100% Moringa) Pre-Order

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  • Moringa Leaf Powder, the Daily Green
  • Moringa Leaf powder, the Daily Green

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The Daily Green (100 gms)  is 100% dried Moringa leaf powder, made in small-batches in collaboration with small-holder farmers across India. 

The nutrient dense Moringa leaf powder works great as a daily addition to your diet. 

Usage : Daily (5-10 grams). Mix into smoothies or choice of drink and/or sprinkle over salads and cooked meals. 

Alternatively, and by far our favorite, use to make a daily drink in replacement of caffeine. Moringa podwers are packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Think Matcha, but without the caffeine.

Quick Recipe : Take a tea spoon of the Daily Green and mix with a few drops of warm water in a cup, stir or whisk for a few seconds. Pour in choice of milk (preferably warm) or water and fill cup. Wake up or unwind to this goodness in a cup, always 100% Moringa. 

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place

Shelf Life : Six months once opened. 

Ship Date : We start shipping on all orders for our Daily Green on 1 December 2019

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