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Moringa & Turmeric Powder

This bag of Moringa and turmeric powder is rooted in traditions across South Asia and closer to home, it brings fond memories of my grandparents (nanima and nanaji) with a cup in hand watching the evening news post dinner. 

The turmeric + milk combination has been and is a daily 'before sleep' indulgence, added with the new found love for Moringa. This caffeine free drink is the perfect companion to unwind with. 

Sourcing Our Moringa is the indigenous variety, sourced from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and West Bengal across 18 small-holder farmers and a growing collective. Always grown organically and without the use of pesticides.

Our turmeric/haldi is sourced from Vicktor and Raut Chettri's farm closer to home in the foothills of Darjeeling. We've known Vicktor for over three decades now and this collaboration with him and his family is extra special.

Usage 2-4 grams daily

Storage Store in a cool and dry place

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